Environment Policy


There is no escaping the fact that with the use of Paper, plastic and several other Materials in our industry, there is an indirect harm caused to the Environment. We at Transcend Mobility employ and use recycle Material where ever possible, specially on Local Moves. We are not at all ashamed of conveying our customers the need to re-cycle also passing on significant Cost benefits to them.

Our Top Management is engaged keenly in supporting Wildlife in India through various means of Charity and Logistical support. We as an organization are now involved in Assisting financially and through our Donation programs to the needy of Melghat and adjoining areas with intention of encouraging them to safeguard the interests of the adjoining Jungles and Wildlife. We strongly believe that Growth must transcend Limits but not at the cost of Environmental Loss.

If you wish to know more about our Programs and if you wish to contribute, please write to us directly at mumbai@transcendmobility.org